Departmental Contacts:

Contact the following Chemistry faculty or staff regarding the noted issues:

  Jen Kazin     Departmental permissions for Chemistry course registrations. 
 Greg Keller     Chemistry and Biochemistry major/minor advising. 
 Don Wink or George Papadantonakis   Undergraduate student issues and course scheduling,
including summer school courses. 
  Preston Snee,
Duncan Wardrop
or Rhonda Staudohar 
  Graduate student issues,
including applications.
 Randy Puchalski  Building & laboratory issues. 
 Miranda Guilbo   Chemical & laboratory safety issues.
 Tanya Ray   Grants, budgeting, proposal submission issues.
 Silvia Solis
  HR and any other issues not covered above as well as in case of an building emergency (if Randy or Miranda are not available).

Call 5-5555 or 312-355-5555 in case of a criminal, safety or fire-related emergency (not 911).
Please also notify the department (6-3161) as quickly as is safely possible.