Trenary Group Member Zhu Liang Wins Awards at Conference

Nov 22, 2013
Last week, graduate student, Zhu Liang, won an award at a conference. This was based on research that she did in Japan through a long standing collaboration that Michael Trenary has with a research group there. She made three trips to the national laboratory known as RIKEN, near Tokyo, to carry out experiments that Trenary and the leader of the group there, Dr. Yousoo Kim, had agreed to. In Zhu's award winning work, she used a scanning tunneling microscope to manipulate individual atoms and molecules on a platinum surface at liquid helium temperatures (5 degrees Kelvin). This work is in support of UIC's research on chemical reactions that take place on transition metal surfaces. 

Zhu Liang, Professor Trenary, and Dr. Yousoo Kim
Zhu Liang, Professor Trenary, and Dr. Yousoo Kim at the meeting, the AVS 60th International Symposium and Exhibition, held at the Long Beach Convention Center in California

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