Professor Jordi Cabana receives funding through the Energy Frontier Research Center Program

Jun 20, 2014
Professor Jordi Cabana is a member of the NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage (NECCES), an Energy Frontier Research Center which was recently renewed by the Department of Energy (press release). The Energy Frontier Research Centers program aims to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs needed to build the 21st-century energy economy, combining the talents and creativity of the US scientific workforce with a powerful new generation of tools for penetrating, understanding, and manipulating matter on the atomic and molecular scales. In particular, NECCES seeks to understand the transformations that occur in a battery electrode throughout the lifetime of the functioning device in order to achieve close to ultimate performance in existing and new chemistries. As part of NECCES, Prof. Cabana's group will leverage synchrotron-based chemical imaging tools to visualize electrochemical reactions within single nanoparticles, with emphasis on methodologies for their study in working conditions.

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