Daesung Lee


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Born 1962; BSc and MSc, Seoul National University, 1988 and 1990; PhD, Stanford University, 1998; Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Univeristy, 1998–2000; Fellow of the A. P. Sloan Foundation, 2004–2006; Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000–2007.

Our research is defined by synergistic efforts in synthetic method development, mechanistic understanding, and total synthesis of structurally novel and biologically active natural products.

For the development of new reactions and synthetic methods, we are primarily interested in the capacity of transition metal-based transformations to merge alkenes and alkynes via different catalytic mechanisms, generating a variety of unsaturated functionalities including 1,3-dienes, enediynes, and dienynes. Several classes of metal-catalyzed reactions we are currently focusing on are enyne metathesis and metallotropic [1,3]-shift, Alder-ene reaction, and enyne bond reorganization via carbene generation directly from alkynes using electrophilic metals. To broaden the scope and utility of these metal-catalyzed reactions, we will explore the detailed reaction mechanisms and secure structural information of the catalysts as well as the intermediates by using various spectroscopic methods, X-ray crystallography, and DFT calculations.

Ultimately, with the synthetic methods and mechanistic insights into the reaction mechanisms, we design efficient syntheses of biologically active natural products and novel molecular structures of importance application. Our ongoing synthetic projects include tartrolon B, epoxyquinoids natural product including panepophenanthrin, dactylolide, guanacastepenes, platencin, and platensimycin.




Structure and Reactivity of Alkynyl Ruthenium Alkylidenes. Yun, S.; Kim, M.; Lee, D.; Wink, D. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 24
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