Summer 2013 Seminars

  • Seminar with Professor Samir Z. Zard  Add To Calendar

    238 SES
    Thursday, 6/13/13 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

    Speaker: Professor Samir Z. Zard; Laboratoire de Synthese Organique
    Field: Organic
    Host: Martin Newcomb

  • Seminar with Prof. Karin Hauser, University of Konstanz, Germany  Add To Calendar

    238 SES
    Tuesday, 7/30/13 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Speaker: Professor, Karin Hauser, University of Konstanz, Germany
    Field: Biophysical
    Host: Tim Keiderling

    Seminar Title: "Peptide Dynamics Studied with Laser-Excited Temperature-Jump IR Spectroscopy and Residue-Specific Resolution" 

    Understanding the molecular mechanism of protein folding is of fundamental interest since misfolded proteins can lose their function or even cause diseases. Much of our knowledge has been derived from in vitro studies showing that the time-scales of protein folding events range over many orders of magnitude. We develop time-resolved infrared (IR) spectroscopic techniques to analyze the molecular mechanisms of protein folding, misfolding and aggregation. A laser-excited temperature-jump technique combined with tunable quantum cascade lasers has been developed to study ns-to-µs relaxation dynamics. In my talk I will focus on our peptide studies. Peptides may be regarded as smallest folding units of proteins and are ideal model systems to study the formation of -helices and -sheets as well as fibrillogenesis. The combination with isotopic editing facilitates molecular dynamics with residue-specific resolution and without perturbing spectroscopic probes.
  • Seminar with Prof. Wolfgang Fritzsche, Institute of Phonotic Technology  Add To Calendar

    4286 SES
    Tuesday, 8/13/13 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    Speaker: Professor, Wolfgang Fritzsche
    Field: Physical 
    Host: Tim Keiderling
    Seminar  Title:  "Bioanalytics using single plasmonic nanostructures"