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Cumulative Exam Archive

Click on a name to see a historical record of a cume given on the specified month.

Month and Year Analytical Biochemistry Chemical Education Inorganic Organic Physical
November 2020 Cho Wink Lee
October 2020 Yang Mankad Aldrich
March 2020 Miller Kral
February 2020 Jiang Cologna Nguyen Lee Snee
January 2020 Snee Aldrich
December 2019 Cologna Wardrop Jiang
November 2019 Trenary Snee
October 2019 Yang Mankad Trenary
April 2019 Aldrich Glusac
March 2019 Miller Mankad Lee Kral
February 2019 Trenary Cologna Aldrich Snee
January 2019 Jiang Mankad Wardrop
December 2018 Snee Jiang
November 2018 Kral
October 2018 Cologna Yang Trenary
May 2018 Aldrich Mankad Jiang
April 2018 Glusac
March 2018 Cologna Miller Kral
February 2018 Lee Snee
January 2018 Snee Miller Wardrop
December 2017 Trenary Jiang
October 2017 Shippy Yang Mankad Aldrich Trenary
May 2017 Hanley Min Wink Anderson Jiang
April 2017 Shippy Yang Wink Mohr Trenary
March 2017 Cologna Fung Cabana Wardrop Lorieau
February 2017 Cabana Cho Wink Aldrich Snee
January 2017 Cologna Miller Mankad Lee Lorieau
December 2016 Shippy Cho Steiff Driver Jiang
November 2016 Trenary Min Wink Gevorgyan Snee
October 2016 Ishii Yang Anderson Mohr Trenary
May 2016 Bolotin Yang Anderson Anderson Jiang
April 2016 Shippy Min Wink Wardrop Kral
March 2016 Ishii Miller Cabana Aldrich Lorieau
February 2016 Cologna Cho Mankad Lee Snee
January 2016 Ishii Cologna Wink Driver Lorieau
December 2015 Shippy Cho Driver Mohr Kral
November 2015 Trenary Aldrich Wink Gevorgyan Snee
October 2015 Cabana Fung Mankad Anderson Trenary
May 2015 Hanley Yang Mohr Lorieau