Cabana group reports mapping chemical reactions at the nanoscale in Nature Communications!

The Cabana group developed a new method to measure how Li-ion batteries perform at the nanoscale.

The Cabana group in our department and researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new technique that lets them pinpoint the location of chemical reactions happening inside lithium-ion batteries in three dimensions at the nanoscale level. “Knowing the precise locations of chemical reactions within individual nanoparticles that are participating in those reactions helps us to identify how a battery operates and uncover how the battery might be optimized to make it work even better,” said Prof. Cabana, a co-corresponding author on the paper. The new technique, called X-ray ptychographic tomography, is being used to help answer fundamental questions about battery materials and behavior. Their results are published in the journal Nature Communications. For more information, see the press release by UIC News!