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Jiang Group’s Recent Paper in Nature Communications

The Jiang group has imaged oxidation at the atomic level

The Jiang group's new article entitled "Chemically identifying single adatoms with single-bond sensitivity during oxidation reactions of borophene" was published by Nature Communications ( In this work, they used ultrahigh vacuum tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy to study the interaction of oxygen atoms and the lightest metal - a boron atomic monolayer material (that is, borophene). By demonstrating the chemical identification and imaging of single oxygen adatoms on borophene with single-bond sensitivity, the chemical interrogation of oxidation reactions to an atomically defined level have been achieved. This study could promote the understanding of the natural corrosion process and controlled chemical modification of metals at the most fundamental level, as well as bring forth new insights into some on-surface reactions in technologically important processes where the Ångström-scale chemistry plays a crucial role.
Jiang group's new imaging and spectroscopic techniques have also been reported in recent publications in 2022: “Reconfigurable perovskite nickelate electronics for artificial intelligence”, Science, 375, 6580, 533-539 (2022). (