UIC Chemistry has several AVS Award winners!

Sayantan Mahapatra and Jeremy Schultz examine an ultrahigh vacuum system.

Sayantan Mahapatra and Jeremy Schultz, two students from Nan Jiang’s research group recently competed in international student competitions at the American Vacuum Society 67th International Symposium and Exhibition in a virtual format.

Following his oral presentation in a competition with four finalists, Sayantan won the prestigious Morton M. Traum Surface Science Student Award. A first for UIC! His talk covered his research on Angstrom scale chemical investigations based on tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS).

Jeremy received the Graduate Research Award after a competition with eight national student finalists. Additionally, Jeremy has been selected as a finalist in the Nottingham Prize competition hosted by the Physical Electronics Conference. He will compete with a video submission and following Q&A in early December.

Congratulations to the Jiang Lab!