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Nan Jiang's group has won the JCP Editor's Choice Award

Jiang Group Wins JCP's Editor’s Choice Award!

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board at the Journal of Chemical Physics have selected the 5 most outstanding papers published in the Journal over the past year. Prof. Nan Jiang’s work was selected…

Quantum dot internalization into T-cells has been reported for the first time by the Hu group!

Ying Hu Group Reports Cell Imaging Milestone

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) achieved a milestone in exploring biology using nanotechnology as recently reported in the journal Nanoscale. A consortium of research groups led by Prof. Ying…

The Glusac Group has won a large grant to study carbon dioxide reduction.

DOE Funds Glusac Group for Green Energy Research

Researchers at UIC, Argonne, and Stanford have been awarded a 3 year, the $4.5 million grant to develop artificial photosynthesis methods to enable direct air capture of CO2 while expanding sources of energy…

Sayantan Mahapatra and Jeremy Schultz have won top honors from the AVS society.

UIC Chemistry has several AVS Award winners!

Sayantan Mahapatra and Jeremy Schultz, two students from Nan Jiang’s research group recently competed in international student competitions at the American Vacuum Society 67th International Symposium and Exhibition in a virtual format. Following…

The Snee group reported a highly efficient quantum dot photoreductant.

Snee Group reports record-breaking quantum dot reducing agent

The Snee group recently reported a highly efficient quantum dot photoreducing agent in the journal Nanoscale. Quantum dots have been studied for their size-tunable electronic and optical properties, and recently they have been…

UIC is in the top 10 again for best value!

WSJ: UIC top 10 in Value

The University of Illinois Chicago continues to be one of the nation’s top best value universities, according to the 2021 edition of the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education rankings, which were…

Dr. Perkins will be the keynote speaker at our Chemistry Colloquia on Nov. 13

Annual Chemistry Symposium/Colloquium

Our annual Chemistry Symposium/Colloquium will be held on Friday November 13th at 2pm. We are excited to have Dr. Craig Perkins, a senior scientist at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). He is…

The Mankad has won a large DOE grant.

DOE Award to the Mankad Group!

Our department is happy to learn that Prof. Neal Mankad recently  received a three-year grant entitled, “Heterobimetallic and Radical Strategies for Catalytic Incorporation of Small Molecules into Organic Feedstocks” from the Department of…

The Hu group has won a large grant from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium

Hu Group wins COVID Grant

The Hu group in our department, working with Melody Swartz (UChicago), Evan Scott (Northwestern), and Jeffrey Hubbell (UChicago), has won a major grant from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium. Their proposal, “Novel Strategies for…