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Column chromotography is used to purify organic products.

Laura Anderson is interested in discovering new pericyclic transformations involving carbonyl ylides, metal-heteroatom multiple bonds, and sigmatropic rearrangements related to the Fischer-Indole synthesis. Laura's goal in this regard, is to design new methods to provide practical solutions to general problems using both physical organic and organometallic mechanistic studies.

Daesung Lee's group also explores the reactivity of transition metals to discover new reactions and is targeting the development of stereoselective enyne metathesis, metallotropic [1,3]-shift, the ruthenium-catalyzed Alder-ene reaction, and electrophilic transition metal carbenoids. Daesung also continues to show case these methods in the total synthesis of complex, biologically active natural products.

Duncan Wardrop's group is focused on the development of new strategies and methods for the efficient synthesis of highly functionalized natural products and compounds with useful pharmacological properties. Areas of interest include the chemistry of hypervalent iodine, nitrenium ions and other electron-deficient divalent reactive intermediates as well as the development of antiviral agents to combat the Ebola virus. Current synthetic targets of the Wardrop group include the alkaloids australine, broussonetine G, eudistomin-K sulfoxide and catharanthine.