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Research Organization Table

Bioanalytical & Biophysical Chemistry Chemical Education Research
Cologna – MS of biomolecules Ryu – diversity in STEM
Hanley – laser-based MS Stieff – spatial reasoning
Lorieau – NMR of proteins Wink – interdisciplinary education
Yang – structural biology of photoreceptors Energy Science
Zhou – protein biophysics Ayitou – organic photo-materials
Catalysis Cabana – batteries and electrocatalysis
Driver – catalysis and drug discovery Glusac – photo- and electrocatalysis
Mankad – bimetallic catalysis Materials & Nanoscience
Nguyen – macromolecular bioinorganic Hemley – high pressure chemistry
Trenary – surface chemistry and catalysis Jiang – nanophotonics and nanoimaging
Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery Kral – self-assembly and transport
Aldrich – drug discovery Snee – inorganic quantum dots
Cho – bioimaging and drug discovery Synthetic
Gao – bioimaging of brain Anderson – new reactivity
Hu – super-resolution imaging Lee – synthetic method development
Miller – chemical probes and imaging Mohr – bioactive molecules
Ondrus - cholesterol regulation Wardrop – natural product & medicinal