Funding Graduate Study

Most first-year graduate students in the Chemistry Department are supported through teaching assistant-ships. Students are considered for research assistant-ships (support from a research grant), after they are established in a research group and have demonstrated substantial research ability. In addition, all graduate students holding teaching or research assistant-ships are exempted from tuition and the service fee. Tuition and service fees are dependent upon whether a student has been granted a teaching or research assistantship. These fees are outlined in the offer letters sent to incoming students in the PhD program. Click here for a written statement of our policies.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Graduate College awards a limited number of University Fellowships, based on an all-campus competition, to outstanding applicants. These awards, which carry an annual stipend of $27,600 and a tuition and service fee waiver (a value of >$33,000 to the student!), depend primarily on the academic promise and scholarly achievement of the applicant. If you are applying for entry in the Fall semester and wish to be considered for a University Fellowship, please be sure to submit your application and all supporting documents beforeĀ January 1.