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Jiang Group Cover Article in JACS

The Jiang Group's research is featured on the cover of JACS.

Prof. Jiang Group’s recent publication was chosen as the cover story in the latest issue of JACS. Entitled "Angstrom-Scale Spectroscopic Visualization of Interfacial Interactions in an Organic/Borophene Vertical Heterostructure", the Jiang group reported the coupling optical spectroscopy and imaging with a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to demonstrate record breaking angstrom-scale investigation of low-dimensional functional systems. The group investigated molecule-induced strain in borophene (a polymer made of boron), which was found to propagate ~1 nm beyond the molecular region. This intriguing “strain spillover” effect is of significant interest for applications in molecular electronics. This work suggests a generalizable experimental strategy for strain engineering of 2D materials via organic modification, in contrast to the conventional approach by controlling the deformation of the substrate.