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U.S. Army awards UIC $2.25M for research center

The EXEED center at UIC has been established by a large grant from the US Army.

Our department has been awarded a $2.25 million grant by the U.S. Army. The award will be used to found a research center, "EXtreme EnErgy Density" (or EXEED), which is dedicated to multidisciplinary, collaborative research focused on the discovery, characterization and synthesis of next generation energetic materials. The mission of the work based at EXEED is to create new high energy density materials, or HEDMs, from molecules subjected to extreme conditions such as high pressures and to train the next generation of scientists and engineers for the U.S. Department of Defense in the field of energetic materials.

According to EXEED director Russell J. Hemley, LAS Chair in the Natural Sciences, “We are excited to launch this bold new basic science effort to discover new materials with unprecedented amounts of stored energy and other useful properties. We are also grateful to the U.S. Army Research Office for its recognition of UIC’s potential in training students from underrepresented groups in this field.” Joining Prof. Hemley are Ksenija Glusac and Tom Driver, of the UIC chemistry department, as well as Santanu Chaudhuri, UIC professor of civil, materials, and environmental engineering. The scientists of the EXEED team are experts in ultrafast spectroscopy and photochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and large-scale simulations, respectively.

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